Nessex Trioli

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Rogue of Time


9.6 (24 yrs) sweeps
Purpleblood (#8101DC)
Perfect syntax. Uppercases on the adjectives and the word they are describing. Prefixes and suffixes with "
< Gallen Haverk 3
failing ^
c Evryin Nought & Violan Rowsee 3<


> Bio

- Early Life

- Pre-current

- Current

> Personality

Nessex tends to be pretty impulsive, he has a shopping problem. He likes to be out in the public eye, he runs his own television show and likes to promote things and make things known. He also does a lot for others, likes to give his time to people. Everyone deserves to feel heard, after all. Everyone deserves someone to give them what they need.

> Likes and Dislikes



> Positive and Negative traits

Negative Traits

Positive Traits

> Relationships

Gallen Haverk

Nessex is still very upset about their break up, sad over losing her, because he did still love her. But he had to do it for both of them. He hopes they could get along still but doesn't see that being the reality of their situation.

Violan Rowsee

Nessex is Violan's (and Evryin's) auspistice. Besides that, he's also his friend. They bonded and get along over the publicity, the public, and their shared love of entertainment.

Evryin Nought

Nessex is Evryin's (and Violan's) auspistice. They don't talk much, but they get along. He likes her fine, enough to engage in whatever small talk comes up, which isn't much.

Anetzi Zerone

Anetzi and Nessex have been friends for sweeps, since they've been young teens. He thinks he's cool, and likes hearing his ideas and thoughts and interests. Anetzi has supported him through his entire TV career, and Nessex does the same for Anetzi's coding.