Evryin Nought

nothingnessTogether [NT]

Mage of Void


She/He/They (Genderfluid)
8 (20 yrs) sweeps
Fuchsiablood (#92184A)
all lower case, no punctuation, no commas, no nothing. prefixes with ✂ and uses - inbetween words
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< Violan Rowsee 3<
c Nessex Trioli 3<

Her and Her friend
Small Talk

> Bio

- Early Life

- Pre-current

- Current

> Personality

Evryin is, for a lack of better words, extremely depressed. He goes through bouts of extreme highs and low lows. They've never been one for conversation, they've even been known to just not respond and not engage with people. When she's not asleep or working, she usually sews to keep her mind off things, which is very often. He's a chronic insomniac and on top of that, avoids sleeping at almost all costs.

> Likes and Dislikes



> Positive and Negative traits

Negative Traits

Positive Traits

> Relationships

Violan Rowsee

Violan is Evryin's kismesis of SEVERAL sweeps. She has very very VERY mixed and strange feelings about him, but cares about him more than anything. They've known violan for almost as long as they've been alive, but as much as they say they dislike him, they can't help but let their very repressed red feelings seep through on occasion. Weird fucked up kismessitude.

Odysey Siente

Ody is Evryin's moirail, and they've been together for almost two sweeps after Evryin helped Ody out of a very rough spot. They've always had each other's backs, been with each other through it all. He respects, admires, and likes Ody a lot.

Nessex Trioli

Nessex is Evryin's (and Violan's) auspistice. She's not the biggest fan of him, thinks he's annoying both on TV and off. Doesn't really talk to him unless he has too. Tolerates him at best.

Koiyon Ahmour

Koiyon and Evryin aren't friends, aren't total enemies, but they're definitely weird. Evryin doesn't understand why Koiyon doesn't like her, but because she doesn't like her, Evryin dislikes her back. As far as they're aware, they've spoken to Koiyon a few times at most, even more confusion.