Anetzi Zerone

improbabilityImpossible [II]

Knight of Hope


He/Him (Trans male)
9.2 (23 yrs) sweeps
Limeblood (#3D600A)
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Adrenaline Rush

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> Personality

Anetzi has a positive outlook on almost everything, there's no point in being so grim all the time. He's awkward in social situations, he tends to avoid large gatherings for this reason. He's very neat and tidy and structured, and he doesn't like his schedule to falter or change too much. He enjoys coding and action movies, having a deep fixation in the latter since he was a young grub.

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Positive Traits

> Relationships

Koiyon Ahmour

Koi and Anetzi have been dating for a while now, and he couldn't be more happy. He loves her dearly and cares a lot about her, and he doesn't hide his love for her at all. He gets her little gifts frequently and they also spend a lot of time together. He loves her a lot.

Sylvia Pygmal

Anetzi sees Sylvia as a younger sister, and whenever she isn't doing her detective work, they hang out. They both enjoy games that require thought and strategy, and they bond over those. They also frequently go look at stores and places that hold items and information about their favorite things.

Nessex Trioli

Nessex and Anetzi are very good friends, they've known each other since they were young teens and hang out constantly. They bounce ideas off of each other for their respective creative projects and generally are there to look out for one another and to listen.

Odysey Siente

Anetzi things Ody is nice, he enjoys her baked goods and he likes that Koi likes her. He doesn't mind the fact she doesn't talk much, because at least she listens.

Ryezil Vampie

He doesn't know much about Ryezil, but what he does know is that Ryezil isn't particularly fond of him. He thinks Ryezil is fine.